Saturday, 9 April 2011

3D adventure game: Part 2

You can get the .blend file and reference images used in this tutorial from:

In the last tutorial we created the torso and arms of our main character. In this tutorial we will add Legs and a head to the character.


The legs are quite simple to make if you have a good starting point.

Select the leg loop by pressing "ALT + right click" and in the front view (Numpad 1) extrude the loop down the leg by pressing "E" key and dragging. Line each loop up with the reference image and when you get to the feet leave the loop open. Once you have the front view sorted move to the side view and line up and size each loop.

You should have something like this:

Don't worry if its not perfect, you can always make small changes after.

Now that our character has legs, we need to give him a head:


The head is one of the most difficult parts of a character to model because  it requires so much detail. To get the basic shape switch to front view (Numpad 1) and start extruding the neck upward using the "S" key to size each loop as necessary. when you get to the top of the head and need to close the loop, extrude upward once more by a small amount and then press "ALT + M". click "At centre" in the merge menu.

Switch to the side view and size the loops to match the image. When all the loops are matched you should have something that resembles a head.

Now that we have a head we need to start defining features such as the nose and mouth. This could be done in the sculpt mode but since our model is low poly the edges would'nt be sharp and we wouldn't get enough detail. The easies way is to add more vertices's by adding a loop cut "K" or subdivide "W", you can then move individual edges to define the features.

It might be easier to work in perspective view for this part so you can see the result better.

You should have something like this:

Its nothing special yet but you can tell its a face now. You can add as much or as little detail as you want and you can smooth the mesh to get a better result. To do this go into object mode and in the buttons panel select "Set smooth". You can press "Set solid" to return.

This is the character so far:

In the next tutorial we will
  • Add hands
  • Add feet
  • Apply the mirror modifier and join the mesh
  • Add an armature skeleton
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  1. very nice! i dont think i could do it

  2. thanks, its not too hard, it just takes practice