Friday, 8 April 2011

3D adventure game: Introduction

Visit: for more tutorials for blender 3D

For these tutorials I will be using blender 2.49b which can be downloaded from: get blender

Make a 3D adventure game
After every tutorial I will add my .blend file to the downloads section of my website (link above) for reference along with any used textures and reference images. I will try to make this game using as little scripting as possible to make it easier for beginners but this means a lot of time will be spend on the logic.
This will be a tutorial that will be updated weekly to show you how to make a 3D adventure game (something like Indiana Jones or Lara croft-tomb raider). It will take a long time to make a realistic looking game that plays well so patience is key.


Before we can start making a game we need to think about the characters, the environment and the style of the game. It might be worth while creating a text document to contain all this information.
The game I will make:
  • Third person perspective
  • An adventure style game (jumping ledges, finding clues etc.)
  • Realistic objects and textures
My main character will be a human explorer but you can model your character as anything you want. It’s useful to have some reference images of the type of character you want to make and you can download some useful blueprints at: (free)

What type of game would you make?

 More soon...

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